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a MOTHER LOVE baby blessing way

a MOTHER LOVE baby blessing way


In the ancient yogic tradition of kundalini yoga it is customary for a pregnant lady to be honoured and adorned with flowers and blessings as she officially assumes the role of mother on the 120 day after Conception. It is believed that until this date the soul is only linked on the subtle planes. Around this 16 weeks mark it is said that the full incarnation of the soul is granted by the universe and that the soul fully commits to it's growing body by nestling into its mothers womb. 

At this time It wins its chosen parents over the other hopeful souls who may alsohave been orbiting the same couple. 

This is why it is so important to chant and pray throughout pregnancy to attract a high vibration soul into your baby. This is amplified after the 120th day as the subconscious mind of the child is being formed and continues to be so until the umbilical chord is cut at birth.

Yogi Bhajan stated ....


"On the 120th day, we give our women a blessing and tell them to meditate more, and look toward God, so that they may have very calm, quiet, intelligent, self-creative children."

At MOTHER LOVE we offer this divine celebration. It is probably best explained as a 'spiritual baby shower' where the emphasis is on gifts of the heart in the form of kind words, prayers, stories and loving support where your closest friends and family are encouraged to honour you as queen for the day and bless you in your role as mother. Together we meditate, chant, dance and feast on nutritious blessed food. 

The experience is very prayerful and cozy, it gives mum a feeling of contentment and security to feel the support of her loved ones, it allows her to relax and focus on the child within. It generates feelings of deep gratitude for bring blessed in the privileged role of bringing forth the gift of life. We want this to be as memorable as the day you birth your baby into the world and we will do everything we can to make the welcoming of your babies soul a sacred , magical, joyous celebration. 

Giving blessings to the expectant Goddess...

Giving blessings to the expectant Goddess...

MOTHER LOVE baby blessings are the perfect way to honour the spiritual element of your pregnancy. We will sing, Shakti dance, meditate and bless all in the name of the MOTHER and her unborn child. Make this day one of the most significant days of your life, filled with beauty and LOVE!

Your guests will then be able to shower you with blessings, word of wisdom and gifts on spiritual meaning including crystals, seeds, experiences and LOVE.

After the exchange of blessings and gifts, we will honour the MOTHER with LOVE guided by Kwali and then a chance to raise your vibration with a sound bath using the gong.

Everybody then feasts on fresh food ( and often cake!) and celebrates the MOTHER!

Food and a London private home location can be provided but you can also use your own home and provide your own fest.

At MOTHER LOVE we will tailor your blessing especially for you and will specifically chose mantras and provide everything necessary to make sure your day is perfect. We will guide you and your guests throughout the day and be in contact with anybody who has any questions in advance.

You can hold a MOTHER LOVE baby blessing in the comfort of your own home....

You can hold a MOTHER LOVE baby blessing in the comfort of your own home....