retreat yourself

It is our pleasure to offer a safe sacred sanctuary, a home from home for mums who spend their lives giving .....Giving up our bodies as a temple in which to grow another being, giving up our youthful figures as finding time to sweat it out exercising is not an option when finding time to go to the bathroom is a luxury.

The giving up of the basic human birthright we call sleep and having an 'all nighter'  thrust upon us most nights without the fun of the rave,  where pumping tunes are replaced with piercing cries as those tiny teeth burst through those tiny gums making the most un-tiny almighty noise!

The giving up of our successful careers and replacing it with a life of boobies, bums and burping in exchange for that deliciously adorable milky drunk smile just before sleep kicks in and then that disconcerting one eye half open look that says ...'don’t you dare try and put me down in my crib’, cradle me lovingly in your arms as I know you didn’t want to drink that tea anyway !'

At MOTHER LOVE we know exactly what you are going through and we know that you can't pour from an empty cup.
we want to offer you some of the LOVE you unconditionally give to your little ones. Whether your’e a brand new mum or a mum of three teenagers - we ALL need some time to ourselves.

We want your cup to be overflowing and we want you fully present, grounded in your body and connected to Gaia.
We want to help you to remember your own heart’s song and feel the purifying pulse of the planet in your veins connecting you to the all giving fountain of universal energy. We want to offer you a chance to heal your own relationship with your mother by falling in love with the Divine Mother 'Maha Shakti' who loves you unconditionally from the highest place and is always there to catch you in her arms and hold you when you need it.

We want all this for you because YOU deserve it and we know that raising the future generation is the hardest, most important job we will ever do.

We will give to you the tools of transformation to nourish your body and invite you to turn inwards and sit with your soul in a safe sacred space, to FEEL to LOVE and to HEAL, with the support of others, who like you are wanting a deeper experience that goes beyond just a casual playground chat and

We understand that in order to fully relax and surrender you have to be sure your children are in safe hands, at MOTHER LOVE, we won’t let lack of childcare be your reason for not coming, we also offer a service where your little ones can be looked after so that you can relax, release and surrender.



You will be taught the ancient art of kundalini yoga and meditation that includes, chanting magical mantras to connect you to your divinity and Shakti dancing to unlock stored energy.

You will experience a luxurious sacred healing sound bath with vibrations from the universal gongs and angelic crystal singing bowls whose sonics cut through negativity, purify karma and release stored trauma.

You will eat a nurturing and nutritious vegan feast to help replenish your body with the goodness that it deserves and we will show you some quick and easy mum hacks for making being healthy on the run more accessible.

You will then have a chance to receive a mini facial or mini massage to completely bliss you out whilst we give a talk on the importance of self-care and self-love, and sharing with you some easy ways and products for that all important ‘me time’ including skincare regime and other easy pamper options!

Feeling blissed out and loved up we will send you home floating, with a MOTHER LOVE care package of your own, full of hand picked treats to remind you to take time out for yourself in order to be the best mother that you can be to raise the next generation of souls who are here to heal the world.



Allow yourself to be held in sacred space so you can be conscious of how you feel, past and present in order to bring positivity into the your future.


Wash away all sadness, feelings of doubt, guilt and negativity to allow yourself to breathe new life and heal your body, mind and Soul.







Learn the art of Self LOVE and how  to nurture your being with yoga, meditation and nourishing food to restore health and happiness.

Artwork by Pashet

Artwork by Pashet