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Kwali Kumara Aka Hari Bhajan Kaur is a magnetic, uplifting and inspiring kundalini yoga and gong meditation teacher. Kwali began her training with Shiv Charan Singh and Satya Kaur in 2006 and is a fully registered member of Kyta. She has completed all level two modules under the same guidance of her beloved mentors and continues to constantly expand her knowledge of the teachings, so she can deliver this powerful technology to her students with upmost integrity and devotion.  Her passion for people and commitment to serve others creates a high vibrational sacred space for healing and transformation to occur.

Kwali teaches from the heart.
Her compassionate and nurturing nature blended with experience and dedication is dynamic and encouraging. Her confidence, energy and enthusiasm for the teachings of Yogi Bhajan is infectious and motivating. Kwali encourages her students to work to their maximum and practice their dedication to divinity in a deep and profound way.
Her guidance works to harness the energy of the group to support each individual to evolve, expand in consciousness and realise ones full potential as an Aquarian being.
To live a life blessed with peace, health, happiness, holiness and harmony in oneness.



Mooi likes to juggle and spin as many plates as humanly possible all at the same time. As if being a mother to a highly demanding toddler isnt enough, she also works full time. Whilst pregnant with her daughter she trained as a Kundalini pregnancy yoga teacher with the amazing Satya Kaur and Carolyn Cowan to learn the art of having a fully conscious pregnancy and birth, learning the importance of the maternal bond and nourishing yourself post baby. 

After birthing her daughter, at home, surrounded by candles in the perfect setting, nothing could have prepared her for the journey ahead. The sleepless nights, the recovery, the breastfeeding problems and most importantly the   post-natal anxiety. She wasnt the 'earth mother' she thought she would be. 

With a true LOVE for an organic, vegan lifestyle, Mooi made it her mission to get her physical and mental health back on track in order to be able to be a better mother. It is only fair that everything that has been learnt on this hard, long and rocky journey is shared and passed on to everyone else who may be in need of what we have to offer at MOTHER LOVE.

MOTHER LOVE was born from a place of loneliness, sleep deprivation and SELF LOVE as we soon realised that there wasn't a massive support network for new mothers to re-treat themselves after the gauntlet of motherhood is thrusted upon us.

MOTHER LOVE is run BY mothers FOR mothers, regardless of how new or old your babies are, whether you have one or two, or even if you are missing that maternal bond with your own mother. We are here as a safe place to heal.